Roebuck hunting

First Latvian buck for @jacobdklarsen Friday had a call from Jacob asking to organize for him one buck! Ofcourse we were glad to make it come true and Saturday evening it took only some hour to harvest this nice mature buck. We spotted this buck together with another smaller one on the edge of the forest and Jacob went to stalk them. Meanwhile i was whatching all this scene from the car. Durring the stalk i saw that small buck went inside the forest. Jacob went to the place where i last saw the buck and i thought that i missed that moment when our buck went inside the forest. I took my eyes away from the scene when suddenly i heard shot sound and i noticed two bucks running my direction. Small buck was chacing big buck and i understood that big buck is injured. Big buck crossed road and i understood that i have to act otherwise the buck will cross the field and we will definetly not get him in the forest. That was triller. I was driving like crazy and after an unbelieveble chase i manege to chase him inside big grass… quick jump out of the car and i grabed him by the antler.. never had something like this happened with me during the buck hunt. Thats why we like hunting!!!

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