Woodcock Hunt in Latvia

Each year more and more hunters from western Europe countries like Spain and Italy choose Latvia as a hunting destination for woodcock hunting. This is new area for experienced woodcock hunters, but because of the beautiful Latvian nature and great hunting results, hunters choose to come back each year. Hunting areas are located near the cost of Baltic sea, right on the woodcocks migration ways.

Each hunters group is guided by a professional guide, who knows areas very well. Each hunter is provided with the territory map and hunting zone where the hunter is allowed to hunt. Hunting areas are approximately 30000ha big and we can welcome around 20 hunters at the same time.

Depending on clients needs, we can provide stay for hunters dogs. Accommodation for hunters is in a 4 star hotel that is located right on the cost of the Baltic sea. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

12 thoughts on “Woodcock Hunt in Latvia”

  1. Hi! We are a hunters group (4people) from Spain. We are interesting to hunt woodcocks some days at the end of october. What dates is it possible? Are there a minimun days to hunt? Are there maximum number of woodcocks to hunt in one day? Can we hunt other species as Grey partidge or Hazel grouse?
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Me gustaria saber los dias disponibles el precio, si se garantiza que hay becada, precio etc,somos 3 cazadores . Muchas gracias

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