In Latvia the season runs from 1st april to 31st march!

Fawn hunting under the red deer cow hunting permit from February 1 to March 31

The hunters are split on fawn hunting under red deer cow hunting permit from February 1 to March 31.

That is why we contacted the Hunting Department of the VMD for clarification to avoid any misunderstanding.

Clause 6 and 6.1 of the Hunting Regulations state:

6. When using a hunting permit for an elk bull or cow and a red deer bull or cow, within the hunting period laid down in these Regulations it shall be permitted to hunt an animal of the species concerned irrespective of sex not exceeding one year of age.

6.1 Up to a two-year-old red deer bull may be hunted using a red deer cow hunting permit.

January 31 is the expiry date for red deer cow hunting permits, not cow hunting permits. The hunting regulations for red deer set different hunting periods according to sex and age criteria, not according to the type of hunting permit issued.

Therefore, under Clauses 6 and 6.1 of the Hunting Regulations, red deer calves and red deer bulls up to two years of age may be hunted in individual hunts between February 1 and March 31 with an unused hunting permit for red deer cow or bull. The hunt for red deer with beaters ends on January 31.