In Latvia the season runs from 1st april to 31st march!

Hunt Forestry

Acquisition of property and wood felling sites

We are buying land, overgrown land, as well as partially and fully developed forests. We assess agricultural or forests lands and prepare quality offers at the market level.

Measurement of wood felling site

The volume of wood in a forest is called the stock; it is expressed in cubic metres per hectare (m3 ha-1). The stock of a forest stand is a sum of the stem volumes of the trees growing in the forest. In order to determine the exact stock of a forest stand, measurements must be made on site. We offer accurate measurements of the stock and its value.

Forest exploitation

We offer a wide range of services related to forest exploitation. Our experts will accurately measure timber stock to determine the exact value of the felling site. We can also buy felling site from you, harvest it and remove it using our own machinery.

Shrub and overgrowth removal

Removal of shrub and overgrowth is a process of removing all unwanted plants and shrubs from a specific area to improve the landscape view as well as the health and productivity of a garden or other type of land. We remove overgrowth with SANY forestry excavator with harvesting head.

Transportation services

We can offer you timber transportation services. We have extensive experience in delivering timber from supplier to consignee, always to the highest standards and on time. These are not the only transportation services we offer. We can also transport your forest machinery or other special equipment to the required site. As well, we offer excavator services for various forest works (digging and grading) using SANY excavator. If necessary, you can entrust us with the work – we can guarantee you the best quality.


Our expertise also includes reforestation, i.e. reforesting fields and clearings with quality reproductive material. Besides, our employees can remove shrub and overgrowth with our machinery. In our work we always dedicate ourselves towards a high level of quality.